2017 Holy Week Schedule of Services


Dear Faithful and Friends of Holy Trinity:
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!
His Grace, Bishop Gregory, at the beginning of Lent shared with us his thoughts on our journey through Great Lent.  He did so that we may arrive safely at Holy Pascha with the proper frame of mind.  His Grace wrote of how prayer, fasting, worship and service to others during Great Lent are intended lead us to Christ.  Have we wisely used this time of Great Lent to lead us to Christ? Have we spent time in prayer talking to Christ?  Have we fasted from those material things that have separated us from Christ?  Have we made an attempt to come to those extra weekday Lenten services to break through the drudgery of our daily routine and encounter Christ?  Have we seen Christ in those around us who are in need?
As we pass through Lent I am sending you the services of Holy Week so that you may plan your schedule now so that we as a parish family can participate in as many services as possible to more fully enter into our Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection.   You should have already increased your prayer, your fasting and your almsgiving along with your attendance at church services and spiritual readings.  Along with this is an increase in our self-examination, reflection and confession.  Confession is not an optional sacrament but one in which we should regularly participate.  Please avail yourself of the Sacrament of Confession before or after services.  If those times are not good for you, it is your responsibility to contact Fr. Luke to schedule an appointment for confession.
Below is the schedule of services for Holy Week.
Monday, April 10, 9 AM – Bridegroom Matins
Monday, April 10, 6 PM – Presanctified Liturgy
Tuesday, April 11, 9 AM – Bridegroom Matins
Tuesday, April 11, 6 PM – Presanctified Liturgy
Wednesday, April 12, 9 AM – Bridegroom Matins
Wednesday, April 12, 12 noon – Presanctified Liturgy
Wednesday, April 12, 6 PM – Holy Unction Service
Thursday, April 13, 9 AM – Vesperal Liturgy – Institution of the Eucharist
Thursday, April 13, 7 PM – Matins and the Reading of the 12 Passion Gospels
Friday, April 14, 9 AM – Royal Hours
Friday, April 14, 7 PM – Great & Holy Friday Vespers with Procession and Guarding the Tomb
Saturday, April 15, 9 AM – Vesperal Liturgy
Saturday, April 15, 11 PM – Nocturne, Paschal Matins, Paschal Divine Liturgy followed by blessing of the Baskets and Agape Meal
Sunday, April 16, 12 Noon – Paschal Vespers
Assuring you of our love and prayers for you and your families for a spiritually uplifting Pascha/Easter, I remain, as always,
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Fr. Luke Mihaly

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