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Schedule of Services and Events for the Week of January 5-11, 2015

Monday January 5, 6 PM 
Vigil for Theophany – Strict Fast Day

Monday, January 5, 7 PM 
Spirituality Class

Tuesday, January 6, 9 AM 
Liturgy for the Feast of Theophany

Thursday, January 8, 8:30 AM

Friday, January 9, 5 PM 
Church School

Sunday, January 11, 10AM

Sunday, January 11, 2 PM 
Lakota adult Mission Trip Presentation

Sunday, January 11, 3 PM
ASP Meeting

This is the First of Three Announcements for our Annual Meeting which is set for Sunday, January 18. We have much to discuss. Please do your best to stay and participate.

2015 Parish Council Slate of Candidates
President – Susan Sulich
Vice President – Harry Fong
Treasurer – Monika Mihaly
Asst. Treasurer – Vida Bundra
Secretary – Lorraine Fedyna
Members at Large – Jeff Szymanowicz, Suad Behrend and Nick Fong

If you would like to help your Church and run for an office, please let Harry Fong or Father Luke know of your interest.

Readers Schedule
1/11 – Paul Toaso
1/18 – Susan Sulich
1/25 – Harry Fong

Coffee Hour
1/4- Fedyna
1/11 – Molineaux
1/18 – OPEN
1/25 – OPEN

Church School Schedule 

Sunday classes resumed this past Sunday, January 4 for the Elementary and middle school age students. And will continue on Sunday, January 18.

Teen classes resume Sunday, January 11.

Friday classes resume Friday, January 9 and will continue on Friday, January 23.

See Stasia Mihaly, Church School administrator, for details.

Schedule of Services for the Week of December 20-28, 2014

Saturday, December 20, 6 PM

Sunday, December 21, 9 AM
Church School

Sunday, December 21, 10AM

Readers Schedule
12/21 – Paul Sulich
12/25 – Nicholas Mihaly
12/28 – Susan Paltauf

Christmas Services Schedule

Wednesday, December 24, 9 AM
Royal Hours

Wednesday, December 24, 5PM
Holy Supper (covered dish) – Strict Fast

Wednesday, December 24, 7 PM
Christmas Eve Services and the singing of Christmas Carols

Thursday, December 25, 10 AM
Divine Liturgy – Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Friday, December 26, 9 AM
Divine Liturgy – Synaxis of the Mother of God

Sunday, December 28, 10 AM
Divine Liturgy

Monday, December 29, 9:45 AM
Deanery Youth Bowling Event in Fairfield, CT.
This is open to all the youth of our parish regardless of age.

There is No Fasting from December 25 to January 4.

Schedule of Services and Events for the Week of Nov 30-Dec 7, 2014

This weeks Bulletin

Tuesday, December 2, 9 AM
Perogie Session

Saturday, December 6, 10 AM
Roll Making for Christmas Bake Sale

Sunday, December 7, 9 AM
Church School

Sunday, December 7, 10AM

Sunday, December 7, 11:30AM
St. Nicholas Brunch

Readers Schedule
11/30 – Paul Toaso

Coffee Hour
12/7 – St. Nicholas Brunch

Christmas Services Schedule Continue reading Schedule of Services and Events for the Week of Nov 30-Dec 7, 2014

Schedule of Services and Events for the Week of Nov 24-30, 2014

Sunday, November 23
Panachida for Lubov Richardovna Jasiuninski
Tanya Goodwin’s grandmother

Monday, November 24, 6 PM
Prayer Group

Monday, November 24, 7 PM
Spirituality Class

Tuesday, November 25, 8:30 AM

Thursday, November 27
Thanksgiving – NO Fasting

Friday, November 28
NO Fasting
By Church Authority & Diocesan Custom, the Thanksgiving Thursday & the Friday after Thanksgiving Day are accounted as Fast Free.

Sunday, November 30, 9 AM
Church School

Sunday, November 30, 10AM

Readers Schedule
11/30 – Paul Toaso

Coffee Hour
11/30 – Open
12/7 – St. Nicholas Brunch