Phase 3 Opening in Connecticut

As you probably know, Phase 3 Re-Opening for the state of CT began October 8. What that means for churches is that we can increase to 50% capacity which for us at Holy Trinity is approximately 50 people. This means that we will be able to stop having A and B weeks and go back to “normal” attendance at church on Sundays for liturgy.
This will bring some changes to the parish. Here are some reminders of safety procedures that will be in effect:
We will no longer have A week and B week—people can come to church as they are able on any given Sunday and there will no longer be assigned seats.
• Parishioners will be seated when they arrive, using every other pew with 2 units per pew.
• We have shifted the ribboned off pews by one so that we now have 5 pews on either side that are useable including the first pew and the last one. (We can seat 10 units in pews, 4 in the side alcoves, 4 in the choir loft and potentially 2 additional people up front if needed.)
• Seating will be first come, first served.
• If we reach capacity, parishioners who arrive later will have the option to stand in the vestibule (6ft distance), outside on the porch or downstairs and come up into the church to receive communion. (If necessary, we can arrange to have the service shown on the TV downstairs for overflow.)
• Parishioners will receive communion and prosphora starting from the front of the church to the back as directed and maintaining 6 ft distance between each other as they approach Fr. Luke.
• Parishioners will continue to follow one-way direction in the church whenever possible.
• All parishioners are asked to wear masks while in church for liturgy.
• All parishioners are asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the church.
• All parishioners are asked to maintain a 6ft distance between each other as much as possible.
• When receiving communion, parishioners are asked to tilt their heads back, open their mouths wide and please do not stick out your tongue to make it easier for Fr. Luke to place Eucharist in your mouth without any contact with the spoon.
• If you have any symptoms of sickness, please stay home.
• We will continue to use the air handler and keep windows open for optimal air movement. It is suggested that parishioners plan to wear coats or warmer clothes to stay comfortable.
• If you are uncomfortable attending liturgy at this time and would like to receive communion, please contact Fr. Luke to make arrangements to do so.

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