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Services and Events for the Week of January 3 – January 10

Monday, January 4 6 PM – Prayer Group 7 PM - Spirituality Class Tuesday, January 5 8:30 AM – Royal Hours 7 PM – Vigil for Theophany Wednesday, January 6 9 AM – Liturgy for Theophany Thursday, January 7 8:30 AM – Akathist to St. John the Baptist Friday, January 8 9:30 AM – Old Testament Class Sunday, January 10 10 AM – Pro-Liturgy with the distribution of Holy Communion REMINDER:  The Eve of Theophany, January 5 is a strict fast day. ANNOUNCEMENTS This is the first of three announcements for the Annual meeting which is set for Sunday, January 24.  Please keep this date open to discuss the life and future of your parish.  You are integral to the health and future of Holy Trinity. We will be voting in a new parish council.  The slate of Parish Council Officers are as follows: Susan Sulich - President Harry Fong – Vice President Monika Mihaly – Treasurer Lorraine Fedyna – Secretary Open – Assistant Treasurer Nicholas Fong, Luke Faubel and Christopher Mihaly – Members at Large Readers Schedule 1/3 – Stasia Mihaly 1/10 – Susan Paltauf 1/17 – Harry Fong 1/24 – Susan Sulich 1/31 – Sandi Fong Coffee Hour 1/3 – Open 1/10 – Pro-Liturgy 1/17 –Catered for 1st Liturgy for Fr. Nicholas Mihaly's 1st Liturgy 1/24 - OPEN

Christmas Archpastoral Letter from His Grace Bishop Gregory

Protocol. No. 21/2015 December 25, 2015 / January 7, 2016 CHRIST IS BORN! GLORIFY HIM! Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I greet you with great joy and love in the Name of our Incarnate Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  I give thanks to Almighty God by whose grace we have been given the opportunity to celebrate the Birth of His Son.  Looking around, we still see hatred, mistrust, violence, suffering, and the absence of peace in our world.  This reality of life in this world makes us cry out for God’s help, assistance and intervention. The holy gift of God’s Son at Christmas reveals to us His love and care for all humanity.  As human beings, we are awed by the miracle of God becoming man: the divine glory revealed in a child born in poor circumstances, the omnipotent Creator a little baby in His Mother’s arms.  Indeed on this night the Redeemer becomes one of us, as St. John Chrysostom says, He took on our flesh to make us holy, and gave us His Spirit so that we can be reconciled with our Creator and enter into eternal life with Him. Therefore as we celebrate the miracle of His Birth, let kindness come with every gift, and compassion, forgiveness and love with every greeting.  Let us beautify our hearts with prayer and charity, so that all people may enter into the joy of the Feast of the Nativity with us.  Let us give our families and friends the lasting gift of forgiveness and reconciliation.  Let us pray for one another, that we may forget about our own concerns and truly love our neighbor as ourselves.  Let us worship the One who came from the highest heaven to dwell with us on earth, raising us from this world into the Kingdom of God. Today may all of us, Priests, Panis, Deacons, Subdeacons, Readers, Parish Officers, Parishioners, Friends, and Supporters of our God-protected American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese experience the joy and wonders of the Shepherds and the awe and respect of the Three Wise Men at the arrival of the Messiah, our new born King.  Christ is Born! Greetings from Johnstown with much love, +His Grace, Bishop Gregory of Nyssa

Christmas Message from the Assembly of Bishops


For the Lord your God is God of Gods and the Lord of Lords…He executes justice for the orphan and the widow, and loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing (Reading from Great Vespers of the Nativity; Deuteronomy 10: 17-18).

To the Reverend Priests and Deacons, the Monks and Nuns, the Presidents and Members of Parish Councils, the Day, Afternoon, and Church Schools, the Members of Philanthropic Organizations, the Youth and Youth Workers, and the entire Orthodox Christian Family of the United States of America.

Beloved Faithful Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On these most blessed days of the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are all invited to consider how we may manifest among our neighbors the love, mercy and compassion of the Christ-child. This is especially important because Christmas represents the profound and sacred point in history when invisible God, taking the form of a servant, dwells among us. From this time forth the eternal message of salvation is not merely declared through law and prophetic message, but is finally something, as Saint John the Evangelist says, that we have heard, that we have seen with our eyes, that we have looked at and touched with our hands (1 John 1: 1).

From this time forth, therefore, our actions are meant to reflect this tangible reality. Having heard, seen, and touched the Lord, we are called to share with the downtrodden and forgotten the same joy of the Incarnation. To do this, however, we must move beyond selfish endeavors and turn to the needs of others.

Certainly, many have contributed significantly to the Church’s evangelism and outreach ministries on parish, diocesan, and jurisdictional levels. These initiatives, however, must never be viewed apart from national and global humanitarian efforts. Through our Assembly of Bishops, we have the unique blessing to participate in the work of our Agencies, and thereby become agents of the Holy Gospel in more dynamic ways than ever before. As you and your loved ones prepare to celebrate the holy feast of the Nativity, I encourage you to learn how IOCC responds to national and global humanitarian crises; how OCMC brings the good news of the Holy Gospel to all corners of the world; how OCPM cares for and offers hope to those in prisons; how OCN introduces people to Orthodoxy through digital media; and how OCF cultivates the minds and hearts of our young people on college campuses.

During the Christmas season, which is marked by an increase in God’s grace upon us, we are called to serve as the all-merciful hands of God in the world. From the very beginning of His public ministry, Jesus Christ is approached by countless people who are suffering and in desperate need of help, and in every such instance, Christ has compassion on them. In like fashion, we must feed the countless men, women and children who go to sleep on empty stomachs; provide shelter to the homeless; and visit our neighbors in prisons and hospitals.

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, as we prepare to receive the Incarnate Lord into the world and into our lives, let us keep in mind that the light of Bethlehem and the joy of the manger of the Nativity are meant to be witnessed and experienced by all of humanity and not just a select few. During this blessed period, I extend to you the blessings of all brother Hierarchs of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States. We wholeheartedly pray that the compassion and mercy of our Lord may be bestowed upon you and your families.

With paternal love in Christ,

+Archbishop Demetrios of America


12 Days of Christmas

                  "On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: 12 Drummers Drumming Eleven Pipers Piping Ten Lords a Leaping Nine Ladies Dancing Eight Maids a Milking Seven Swans a Swimming Six Geese a Laying Five Golden Rings Four Calling Birds Three French Hens Two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree" The "Twelve Days of Christmas" refer to the eight days of the Christmas Octave from December 25 to New Years Day, and the four additional days up to and including the eve of January 6, the traditional date of the Epiphany.  It contains hidden meanings intended to help children remember lessons of faith.  Instead of referring to an earthly suitor, the “true love” mentioned in the song really refers to God.  The “me” who receives the presents is symbolic of every baptized person. Partridge in a pear tree        Jesus Christ, symbolized as a mother partridge that feigns injury to decoy predators from helpless nestlings. Two turtle doves                     Old & New Testaments

Three French Hens                 Faith, hope, charity

Four Calling birds                    The Four Gospels

Five Golden Rings                  The Pentateuch or Five Books of Moses   (Genesis through Deuteronomy)

Six geese a laying                   Six days of creation

Seven Swans a swimming     7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit Eight maids a-milking             8 Beatitudes Nine Ladies Dancing               Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit Ten Lords a-leaping                10 Commandments

Eleven pipers piping                The 11 faithful disciples

12 drummers drumming         12 articles of the Apostles Creed

Schedule of Services and Events for the Week of December 20 – December 27

Monday, December 21 6 PM – Prayer Group 7 PM - Spirituality Class Tuesday, December 22 8:30 AM – First Hour Thursday, December 24 9 AM – Royal Hours 5 PM – Holy Supper at Parish Hall – Lenten Covered dish 7 PM – Christmas Eve Complines and Christmas Carols Friday, December 25 10 AM – Liturgy Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Saturday, December 26 9 AM – Liturgy – Synaxis of the Virgin Mary 5 PM - Vespers Sunday, December 27 10 AM – Liturgy 12:30 AM – Christmas Caroling Tuesday, December 29 9:45 AM – Deanery Bowling Please Note: Christmas Eve is a Day of Strict Fasting. No Meat or Dairy is to be eaten. Also, there is No Fasting between Christmas and the Eve of Theophany. Readers Schedule 12/20 – Luke Mihaylo 12/27 – Sandi Fong Coffee Hour 12/20 – Toaso 12/27 - Suzanne

Our Need For Christ

Without Christ our world is devoid of hope, and for others to know this Christ, they must be able to see Him in us. The light of this very Christ must shine forth through the love of His Church and be made manifest in the works of His people. Without this love there is only darkness upon the face of our world, and the world will remain without hope Others can not know they need Christ if they do not see Him in us. They do not know this Christ fills hearts and transforms lives if they do not see transformation in us. If we are fearful, angry, judgmental, arrogant or aloof, the world will see nothing in our Christian faith worthy seeking. If others do not see in you a forgiving heart, how will they know there is forgiveness in Christ? If others do not see in you a heart filled with joy, how will they know they need the very Christ whom you proclaim as your Lord and Savior? If others see in you a judgmental, narrow minded, unhappy person, why would they be drawn to the Orthodoxy you claim is the true faith? With love in Christ, Abbot Tryphon


About Abbot Tryphon

The Very Rev. Fr. Tryphon is a priest-monk of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR) and abbot of the All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island, Washington.

Services and Events for the Week of December 13 – December 20

Sunday, December 13 – Parish Council Meeting Monday, December 14 6 PM – Prayer Group 7 PM - Spirituality Class Tuesday, December 15 8:30 AM – First Hour Wednesday, December 16 7 PM – Catechism Class Thursday, December 17 8:30 AM– Akathist 7 PM – Monthly St. Nectarios Service Friday, December 18 9:30 AM - Old Testament Class Saturday, December 19 5 PM – Vespers Sunday, December 20 9 AM – Church School 10 AM –Liturgy 11:30 AM – Church School Readers Schedule 12/13 – Jeff Szymanowicz 12/20 – Luke Mihaylo 12/27 - Sandi Fong Coffee Hour 12/13 – Breakfast to raise funds for St. Nicholas Fund/Syrian relief 12/20 – Toaso 12/27 - Suzanne

Schedule of Services and Events for December 6 – December 13

Sunday, December 6 11:30 AM – St. Nicholas Brunch 3 PMASP Kickoff fundraiser  Monday, December 7 9  AM - Making Stuffed Cabbages 6 PM – Prayer Group 7 PM- Spirituality Class  Tuesday, December 8 8:30 AM – First Hour 9 AMPerogie Session Wednesday, December 9 7:30 AM – Lions Breakfast Amber Room 7 PM – Catechism Class Thursday, December 10 8:30 AM– Akathist Friday, December 11 9:30 AM Old Testament Class 7 PM – Ornament Exchange Sulich’s House Saturday, December 12 10 AM to 3 PM – Christmas Bake Sale 11 AM – Advent Youth Day – Ahmal and the Night Visitors 5 PM – Vespers Sunday, December 13 9 AM – Church School 10 AM –Liturgy 11:30 AM – Church School 12:30 PM – Parish Council Meeting Readers Schedule 12/6 – Susan Paltauf 12/13 – Jeff Szymanowicz 12/20 – Luke Mihaylo Coffee Hour 12/6 – St. Nicholas Brunch 12/13 – Breakfast to raise funds for St. Nicholas Fund/Syrian relief 12/20 – Toaso 12/27 - Suzanne

Schedule of Events and Services for November 29 – December 6

WE ARE IN THE ADVENT FAST Today is the Last Day to bring in your used clothes for the Parish Clothing Drive!  Don’t forget your parish Secret Santa and their present for next Sunday!  Tuesday, December 1 9 AM Perogie Session Wednesday, December 2 7 PM – Catechism Class Thursday, December 3 8:30 AM– Akathist to St. Nicholas Friday, December 4 9:30 AM - Old Testament Class Saturday, December 5 7:30 PM – Vespers Sunday, December 6 9 AM – Church School 10 AM –Liturgy 11:30 AM – St. Nicholas Brunch 3 PM – Fundraising kick-off Readers Schedule 11/29 – Robert Faubel 12/6 – Susan Paltauf 12/13 – Jeff Szymanowicz 12/20 – Luke Mihaylo Coffee Hour 11/29 – Fong 12/6 – St. Nicholas Brunch 12/13 – Breakfast to raise funds for St. Nicholas Fund/Syrian relief 12/20 – Toaso 12/27 - Suzanne

Schedule of Services and Events for November 22 – November 29

WE ARE IN THE ADVENT FAST Today is our drawing for our parish Secret Santa Monday, November 23 6 PM – Prayer Group 7 PM – Spirituality Class Tuesday, November 24 8:30 AM - Hours Wednesday, November 25 7 PM – Moleben/Akathist of Thanksgiving Thursday, November 26 Happy Thanksgiving  - NO Fasting/Dispensation from Fasting on Friday Saturday, November 28 7:30 PM – Music on the Mount concert – St. Petersburg Ensemble Sunday, November 29 9 AM – Church School Sunday, November 29 10 AM Liturgy 11:30 AM – Church School Last Day of the Parish Clothing Drive. Bring in your used clothes! Readers Schedule 11/22 – Nicholas Fong 11/29 – Robert Faubel 12/6 – Susan Paltauf 12/13 - Luke Mihaylo 12/20 - Suzanne Molineaux 12/25 - Harry Fong 12/27 - Sandi Fong Coffee Hour 11/22 – Mihaylo 11/29 – Fong 12/6 – St. Nicholas Brunch