Orthodox Youth Mission Team – Alaska 2017 Update

Things couldn't be better! We are in one of the best facilities that has ever been our Center. Bible camp was a huge success. We have a day to regroup tomorrow before the teen conference begins on Friday. The people are warm and inviting. We had lunch and dinner in private homes and everyone has been open to trying the local cuisine. Tonight's delicacy was braised moose! Transportation can be challenging but we hope materials arrive tomorrow so we can continue work on the church in Oscarville. Because we are in a school, the wifi blocks Facebook during the day so we can only post and see comments after 5pm. Here is the post I put on my own Facebook page today: Love these kids! Americawear Wednesday was today's camp theme, and work continued on the church in Oscarville.

The Kitchen Is Open!

Monthly Food Sale at Holy Trinity this Thursday, July 6th – We’ll be selling all of our delicious varieties of perogies: potato/cheese, potato/onion, sauerkraut, potato/cheese/jalapeno and prune as well as stuffed cabbage, nut and fruit rolls and jams. Sale hours will be 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the church hall at 74 Joes Hill Rd. in Danbury. For questions or directions call 203-797-8326.

Schedule of services and Events July 2 – July 20

Thursday, July 5
4 pm to 6 pm
– Monthly Bake Sale

Friday, July 7
2 AM - OYMT leaves for JFK airport
1 pm to 5 pm
–Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen

Sunday, July 9
10 AM
– Divine Liturgy with Fr. Sergei Bouteneff

Sunday, July 16
10 AM –
Divine Liturgy with Fr. Peter Karloutsos

Tuesday, July 18
OYMT returns home

Thursday, July 20
9 AM
– Holy Trinity Golf Tournament Beekman Country Club, Hopewell Junction, NY

Friday, July 21
9 AM
– Old Testament Class

Sunday, July 23
10 AM
– Divine Liturgy
11:30 AM – Semi-Annual Parish Meeting

Fr. Luke will be away on an OCMC Mission Trip in Alaska from July 7 through July 18.  He is traveling with four other members of our parish – Susan Sulich, Madeline Sulich, Anastasia Radcliff and Grace Radcliff – and 19 other Orthodox High School Students and lay leaders.

For emergencies please call the rectory and Pani Bethany will help you contact an Orthodox priest.  In the meantime, Fr. Sergei Bouteneff and Fr. Peter Karloutsos will be serving Divine Liturgy on the two Sundays in July that he will be away.  Please don’t take a vacation while Fr. Luke is away and please greet Father Sergei and Fr. Peter.