Schedule of Services and Events for April 16 – April 23

Christ is Risen!  Indeed He is Risen!

  On this Most Bright and Glorious Feast of our Lord Resurrection, I greet everyone with joy filled exclamation: Christ is Risen! I am grateful for all of you have taken seriously this Lenten journey that has been given to us by our Church.  Your efforts have allowed you to safely enter into the harbor our Lord's Resurrection.  For all of us who have taken up the Cross of Lent, God's grace has made this day that much brighter and joy filled!  You have seen and experienced that Pascha, if only for a brief moment, is about Life and how to have it more abundantly!  You have learned that by cooperating with God's grace you can come to better recognize Christ in our every day life and be able choose Him above all else. May the Light of the Risen Lord always shine upon us, In the Risen Christ, Fr. Luke Mihaly   Saturday, April 15 11 PM – Nocturnes, Matins, Divine Liturgy followed by the blessing of Baskets and Agape Meal - HOLY PASCHA NO FASTING for Bright Week Sunday, April 16 12 noon – Paschal Vespers - Blessing of Baskets Monday, April 17 - Bright Monday 9 AM -Divine Liturgy with Procession 7 PM – Spirituality Class Tuesday, April 18 - Bright Tuesday 9 AM – Divine Liturgy Wednesday, April 19 6:30 PM – Monthly St. Nectarios Anointing Service - Rescheduled 7 PM – Catechism Class Thursday, April 20 6:30 PM – Parish Dinner out at The CUE Restaurant.  Please consider carpooling Friday, April 21 9 AM – Old Testament Class  Sunday, April 23 10 AM –Divine Liturgy Readers Schedule 4/23 - Harry Fong 4/30 – Paul Toaso 5/7 – Bob Faubel 5/14 – Susan Paltauf Coffee Hour 4/16 – PASCHA 4/23 – OPEN 4/30 – OYMT Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

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